A portrayal of a typical North East coastal town

depicted in the era of the 1950's through to the early 1970's

The buildings, vehicles, rolling stock and engines are all compatible with the depicted timescale, from the main line steam power pulling blood and custard liveried coaches as seen in the 1950's to steam and diesel power pulling maroon liveried coaching stock as seen in the 1960's to diesel electric power pulling blue and grey liveried coaches as seen in the early 1970's finishing with diesel electric 125.  The local commuter traffic consists of steam power through to diesel multiple units.

In the Beginning :-

I have had a strong interest in the North East railway scene for as long as I can remember.  Visiting the engine sheds at West Hartlepool to look at the grubby steam goods engines and rushing home from school to catch the Tyne Tees Pullman or the Talisman thundering through Seaton Carew station.


Other times spending long days train spotting on the platforms at Newcastle Central Station, or cajoling my parents to make a trip in the car to Bradbury to catch sight of the trains running on the East Coast mainline.

Early Layouts :-

I have modelled various layouts over the years from those in my bedroom when i was a teenager to one in a shed when I was first married to building an extension on the marital home to accommodate a layout in its own room.  Work and family commitments curtailed any thoughts of model railways and so the engines and rolling stock etc. remained boxed up in a cupboard for 25 years.

Exhibitions :-

Shildon Model Railway Club

2nd/3rd June 2018

The Locomotion Museum


The Resurrection :-

In 2009 at the age of 60 I was made redundant and so with time on my hands my wife and family persuaded me (I didn't need a great deal of persuasion) to dig out the boxes of model railway and build a layout in what used to be my study.

So after a little planning a layout evolved.

The building of this layout fired the interest of my eldest son, who in his 30's had missed in his early years the enjoyment of creating a model railway.

After visiting various exhibitions and shows in the area he suddenly asked me why I had not considered building a layout for exhibiting.

So after some thoughts and discussions I decided to give it a go.

The subject matter because of my history of train spotting had to be based on a town like West Hartlepool although I did not want to model it exactly but to use my artistic licence to produce a scene that resembled such a town.

It has taken me a number of years to finally reach a point where I feel that the layout is suitable to be seen in public and I hope that you take as much enjoyment from watching it as I have from building it.